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11/10/2013 12:46
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05/01/2013 23:24
Hogan Lays Down the Law over Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan
Did He Do The Right Thing?...  Read More
TNA Reviews
10/11/2012 09:15
A Look at Gut Check
Is it Working?...  Read More
29/03/2011 16:24
TNAFANSITE Special Offer - Win Prizes
As part of our community – you qualify to win one of several TNA DVDs....  Read More
17/07/2010 13:58
Excerpts from Controversy Creates Cash
The best quotes from the controversial best selling book by Eric Bischoff...  Read More
13/06/2010 14:20
TNA Tag Team Division
Where is it Headed?...  Read More
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TNA Championship Match
x-divisionBully Ray vs AJ Styles at Bound For Glory...Read More
TNA Knockouts Division
Tara - TNA Knockouts ChampionIs it Gaining Back some Interest or is there Still Work to do?...Read More
Tag Team Championship –
TNA Impact Video GameA Closer Look at the midpoint of 2012 - Where Does the Division Stand?...Read More
New TNA World Heavyweight Champion
Austin Aries - World ChampionAustin Aries wins the title at Destination X for the first time ever!...Read More
Sting – Return of an Icon DVD review
Sting – Return of an Icon DVD reviewIt was interesting for us to review the DVD of Sting – Return of an Icon as he is more known as a wCw superstar more than anything but with his return this past Thursday March 27th, the timing couldn`t be better....Read More
More Reasons TNA is superior to the WWE
TNA on SPIKETNA is continuing to experience growth, expanding into new markets and creating new matches and introducing its style of wrestling and brand in ways that have never been done before. There are many different ways they`re doing this and we`ve summarized it into three major points....Read More
How Do We React to the Negativity Against TNA?
Total NonStop ActionIt`s important to realize that TNA has only been around for 5years, and compared to the WWE th at`s very little time to have to compete. What a lot of people also seem to do is try and mirror the competition WWE had with wCw with what may eventually happen with TNA and WWE. ...Read More
TNA UK TOUR DATESTNA UK TOUR DATES.America`s fastest growing wrestling promotion TNA will present its hugely anticipated, first ever, UK tour in June of this year. Featuring the top stars from their hit show on Bravo TV, the "UK Impact Tour" will make three stops around the country....Read More
Who are We
WE Are the tnaThe people who created this site are dedicated web developers who want to bring to light some of the real opinions that fans have about TNA`s past, present and Future...Read More
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Featured Fighters
Bully RayIs Bully Ray ready for a World Title Main Event Run?... Read More
Karen Jarrett - Knockout QueenTNA Knockout Division - A New Direction?... Read More
Featured Clips
29/03/2011 16:20
TNAFANSITE Special Offer - Win Prizes
As part of our community – you qualify to win one of several TNA DVDs. ...  Watch Clip
22/09/2010 20:05
Top Stars of TNA
Samoa Joe – Having not yet won the TNA Championship Title, Samoa Joe is set to win the title at the 2008 Bound for Glory Pay Per View which is set to take place in October of 2008....  Watch Clip
24/07/2010 17:30
TNA FAN SITE:TNA Impact...  Watch Clip
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